The Band


Many moons ago, We Beneath was formed and brought Giuseppe, Lee and Dan together. From that point on, they knew that there was something there that couldn’t be dismissed. Years after the demise of We Beneath, the planets finally realigned and gave them another shot at greatness. In October of 2011, they started shaking off the cobwebs and writing music. They brought in a bassist with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, Sam. He ventured on with LPD for a year until it became clear that he had a lot more to give than the band was expecting. They eventually parted ways. Soon after, another member of We Beneath returned to the states, Paul. He dusted off the ole’ bass and began kicking musical ass. But the army is quite similar to the mob in the fact that just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in. So Paul moved off to Georgia with his wife and dogs. One day, the almighty JEBUS heard our prayers. Out of the silence, there was a voice that said, “Hey, Lee. I fit the criteria for your bassist search”. That sound rang true and fit, this man did. Dennis “The Menace” Hart brought in a renewed passion for music with a drive beyond compare. As does with every flame at one time or another, after some time Giuseppe’s flame and passion for the band began to fade. It was clear that the best course of action was for Giuseppe and LPD to part ways. Lee, Dan and Dennis continued as a 3 piece to build a stronger and tighter sound. Shortly after, out of the shadows crawled Joel. Having not actively played for almost 10 years, he was hesitant to commit. The boys saw something great in him and decided to plant the seed in Joel’s brain. It grew until he couldn’t contain it then he called and said “I need to do this!”. There was still one thing missing that became clear about one year after. Creative differences caused Dennis to move onto his own project which left the boys with only one person in mind to join, Styles. A creative songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who was just never available when there was an opening. The planets aligned just right yet again and Long Past Due 2.0 was officially formed. Now Long Past Due is coming back with a new attitude and new sound sure to knock you off your seat. Stay tuned!