Lee has had an infatuation with music before he could talk, which was pretty darn early. He started singing as a kid but had major stage fright that held him back from ever hitting a stage. In high school he picked up the guitar and started his musical journey actually writing his own music. He never brought himself to take lessons but had a drive to learn his own way and at his own pace. Back in the day (which was a Wednesday) Joel inspired Lee to really push further with his practice techniques, introducing him to new genres that eventually came to inspire his sound. Eventually Lee realized that if he was ever going to share his music, he would need to get over his crippling stage fright. As a favor, he participated in a few high school productions that were both nerve wracking and exciting. He forced himself through and got involved in acting in and out of school. Eventually Lee found some like-minded musicians and played in a few projects, one of them being We Beneath where he met Dan. WB allowed Lee to stretched his vocal harmony muscles and lead guitar skills. After the fall, he joined up with “Out of Reach” and took on the lead vocal role, or as he called it “Lee’d Vocals”. After a couple year stint on bass with a local punk-rock band, “The Grubs” (formerly Hepatitis D) his original songbook was filling up quickly and he was dying to get his music out there. Acoustic solo shows wouldn’t cut it for him. He reconnected with some of the We Beneath boys and started what is now known as “Long Past Due”. Since the birth of LPD Lee has found his faith, started a family and is excited to use his music to bring light to the darkness.