Dan’s love for music is not a choice, it’s in his blood. Being the son of the bass player from a former Tampa bay hall of fame band, ‘Bleeding Hearts’, Dan was raised in a music scene. As a kid he knew he wanted to play music but never knew what to play. Like most young boys he wanted to be like his dad, so of course he tried out the bass guitar. He enjoyed it but something was missing. He eventually moved on to try vocals. Well, let’s just say that did not work out very well. One Christmas when Dan was 12 years old, he woke to find a drum kit set up in his room and he quickly fell in love. He did not take lessons but created his own path musically. Being inspired by great drummers and wanting to create music was all the motivation he needed. Dan started his first “band” in middle school with a couple friends that quickly fell apart. He continued to play solo for a little while before eventually giving up and moving on. A couple years later some friends showed up to his house and convinced him to start playing again and form a band called ‘We Beneath’, which is where he met Lee. Shortly after, Dan joined the Army and parted ways with We Beneath. Upon returning home Dan joined a few side projects that just never seemed to work out. Years later Dan reconnected with Lee and Giuseppe, another member of ‘We Beneath’, and invited them to jam at his house. It was almost immediate that they realized there was something spectacular and formed what is now known as LONG PAST DUE.