Month: January 2019

Still Kickin’

“We’ve taken a good amount of time to get our heads back on straight. It’s been very eye opening. It’s helped us remember why we started LPD in the first place. The name “Long Past Due” always represented us coming out to do this for the right reasons, to take our dreams make them into music to share. It’s not about the quantity of songs, gigs, merch or media, but the quality of it. And we don’t mean spending a bunch of money to make things sound a certain way. The quality refers to how our time is spent. We got to a point where it became work for us. We had to recognize that we were headed into a direction that was going to only stunt our growth. That is why we decided to take a break and see exactly what about LPD kept us going. This was a fantastic decision! Tough but worth it.

Long Past Due is officially back in business. We are returning to the stage on January 26th 2019 at the Dreamer’s Ranch Fire and Ice Festival at 122 N Lowell Rd. in Windham, NH. We are very excited to be sharing the stage with some up and coming young talent and helping support the Dreamer’s Ranch and all the amazing things they have been doing. We hope to see you all soon!”


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