“As life continues to throw curveballs, it’s up to us to not blame the ball but how we approach it. Let’s face the reality here. Long Past Due is a group of men in their 30s with jobs and families still holding on to their passion for making music even when there is little to no time to get together. There have been times we’ve gone weeks without playing together and months without playing out. We love our families and wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t. They play a huge role in our inspiration to create and see our music reach those who may just need to hear the message. Here’s what it comes down to: We’ve been doing this for almost 7 years through ups and downs and many transitions. We are all separately going through our own personal transitions and unfortunately it’s gotten to a point where we’ve recognized that we just can’t keep moving forward with this routine as it is now. This does not mean that this is the end for Long Past Due, but we are taking an official band break while we all get our priorities in check. Keep an eye out for updates as they will still be coming and there will be some occasional acoustic sets in the meantime.”


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